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Successful commissioning for High speed end plate production line

Time: 2021.05.28 11:05 Click: 260

On15th of Jan., Longteng Special steel high speed end plate flange production line hot commissioning is carried out successfully, this production line was designed by SDM and final rolling speed is 2.1m/s.

Longteng special steel high-speed end plate flange production line is the most advanced full continuous rolling high-speed end plate flange production line in China. Its products cover most of the specifications of end plate flange at home and abroad. After being heated by double regenerative walking beam furnace, the billets are fed into 11 sets of high rigidity short stress line rolling mills which are arranged alternately horizontally and vertically to realize full continuous non-torsion rolling. Through our patent equipment floating pinch roll and horizontal vertical conversion device, the end plate flange flat steel of different specifications can realize rapid horizontal vertical rotation after rolling, and are respectively transported to six coilers for coiling through switch and pre-coiling roller table. The production line is equipped with advanced automatic control system to track the whole line of logistics and realize the automation of the process. Advanced equipment and reasonable process greatly improve the production efficiency and yield of the production line, and the annual output is expected to reach 500000 tons.

From design starting to success of hot commissioning, it is inseparable from the high attention of the company top management and the strong support of the designers. Facing the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control in early 2020, the chief engineer of the project overcame the difficulties and shuttled between the owner and various departments for communication and coordination; Designers work overtime to make the design perfect. In the process of the project, due to the untimely docking between the owner and the equipment manufacturer, the owner changed the process and equipment layout scheme for many times, which caused a lot of difficulties to the design work. The chief engineer of the project and designers of various disciplines actively communicate with the owners and equipment manufacturers while orderly promoting the design work. After the scheme is determined, the chief engineer of the project and the designers of various disciplines work overtime to ensure the demand of on-site nodes. Our company has won the trust and praise of the owners with its enthusiastic working attitude and rigorous design scheme.

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