Win victory in the first battle—Yunnan coal energy coking project

Time: 2021.06.09 08:06 Click: 211

     On May 7, Yunnan Coal Energy Co., Ltd.'s 2MTPA coking environmental protection relocation transformation and upgrading project (first bid section) (coal preparation system + coking device) EPC general contracting project, the preliminary design plan review meeting was successfully completed. The first battle was won.

Yunnan Coal Energy Co., Ltd. 2MTPA coking environmental protection relocation transformation and upgrading project, our company undertakes the EPC general contracting of the coal preparation production system + coking device and the overall plant layout design. The EPC general contracting includes the construction of two 7.6m reheating top-charging coke oven and the supporting coal preparation production process system, which are the main works of this project.

The two coke ovens in this project are the first 7.6-meter top-charging coke ovens in China to adopt this technology. They carry the important mission of Yunmei’s energy industry upgrade, energy conservation, environmental protection, intelligence and efficiency. After completion, they will play an important role on the coking industry in the entire southwestern region.

After the start of the project, our company quickly established the Yunnan coal Energy Coking Upgrade Project Department. In order to understand the site conditions in detail, our project team personnel carefully surveyed the site, combined with the general layout and measured data, and strived to make the most reasonable plan; in order to meet the requirements of the owner , Our project team members have repeatedly communicated and discussed with the leaders and technicians of Yunnan coal Energy through meetings, videos, telephones, emails, etc., and strive to make the best design; in order to speed up the design progress, our project team members took the initiative to work overtime Plus, there is no rest during the Labour Day holiday, but there is no complaint and never shouts tired. Through the joint efforts of all members of the project team, the preliminary design plan for the EPC general contracting of the coal preparation production system + coking unit was completed within one month, and the preliminary design draft was submitted to the owner on 3rd of May .

From 6th to 9th May, the main designers of the Coking Upgrade Project Department of Yunnan coal Energy rushed to Yunnan coal Energy Company under the leadership of Vice President Lin Jisheng and Vice President Li Qingsheng, and met with the main leaders, project leader and expert group of the owner, and conduct a 4-day preliminary design plan review meeting. The meeting was conducted in three stages. The first stage was presided over by Zhang Guoqing, the executive deputy leader of the project promotion team, briefly introducing the tense situation of the project, introducing relevant units and leaders and experts participating in the meeting, and selecting the leader of the expert group. In the second stage, the expert group leader, our company introduces the preliminary design development situation, experts ask questions, designers answer, the expert group discusses review opinions, feeds back the review results, and forms the review report. In the third stage, the host of the meeting expressed his gratitude to the expert group and participating units. Lin Jisheng, deputy general manager of our company, delivered a speech, and the meeting ended successfully.

After detailed and thorough inquiry and discussion by the participating experts and our designers, a consensus was reached. The expert group put forward 7 suggestions to our project team. After the meeting, our project team further optimized the coke oven and coal preparation design scheme based on the discussion results of the meeting, and completed the modification of the preliminary design. The final preliminary design draft was unanimously approved by the owners.

The construction of Yunnan coal energy coke oven is in full swing. This meeting made detailed research on process design, detailed design and future specific operations, which laid a good foundation for the smooth progress of Yunnan coal energy coking project. In the next work, we will continue to uphold the concept of sincere service, stay true to our original aspirations, ensure the smooth progress of the project, strive to achieve greater brilliance, and open up brand awareness for our company in the southwest region.

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