SDM listed in "Iron and Steel Engineering Technology Excellent Brands in China" and "Green Benchmark Enterprises in the Field of Iron and Steel Industry Chain Engineering Technology in China"

Time: 2021.07.28 15:07 Click: 252

Recently, China Metallurgical News has announced “China 2021 Iron and Steel Brand Enterprises” and "2021 Iron and Steel Industry Chain Green Benchmark Enterprises”. SDM got listed in both. On May 10th, the fifth China Brand Day, the list of “China 2021 Iron and Steel Brands” was announced, and SDM once again won the honorary title of "Excellent Brand Supplier" in the category of iron and steel engineering technology. SDM has won the title for two years consecutively. On June 5th, the World Environment Day, the list of “2021 Iron and Steel Industry Chain Green Benchmark Enterprises" was released, and SDM was awarded the title of "Green Benchmark Enterprise in the Field of Iron and Steel Industry Chain Engineering Technology in China”.

It is no accident that the two honors were won. In recent years, SDM adheres to the service concept of "everything for the sake of users" and responds positively to the national industrial restructuring, the transformation of new and old kinetic energy and the Belt and Road Initiative. SDM has determined the enterprise development direction of "focusing on green intelligent metallurgy, developing municipal emerging industries and building an international first-class brand", strengthened technological research and development, implemented global marketing network, enhanced professional support and regional layout, consolidated the project general contracting management system, and set up a green and efficient project construction brand and full-dimensional operation mode. SDM is the overall planning and design unit of Rizhao Quality Steel Base Project of Shansteel, the key project of national iron and steel industry restructuring, and the general contracting unit of large-scale green intelligent 5100m3 blast furnace, 550m2 sintering machine and 7.3m coke oven. After the successful construction of Rizhao Quality Steel Base Project of Shansteel, SDM witnessed more recognition and influence in the industry. With complete specialties, whole industry chain service, focus on scientific and technological progress and a variety of advanced technologies, the technical service advantages of SDM are getting more and more recognition from customers at home and abroad. In terms of scale and achievements, SDM has stepped into Tier 1 of Chinese metallurgical technical service providers with an annual business income of RMB 3 billion and a value of newly signed contracts of nearly RMB 6 billion. Last year, the contract value was RMB 6.1 billion. Especially in recent years, besides continuously improving the capability of planning, giving consultation on, designing and general contracting 10mtpa advanced integrated steel plants, SDM has imparted green intelligence to the iron and steel industry, walking in the forefront of green intelligent metallurgy and building a high-quality steel ecological circle.

At present, SDM is not only a brand supplier of iron and steel technical engineering and service and a green benchmark enterprise in the field of iron and steel industry chain in China, but also a supplier of green manufacturing system solutions to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China. SDM has also got listed in “National Quality Projects”, “National 13th Five-year Plan Innovation Projects”, “World's Top Ten Innovative Technologies of the Year”, “Iron and Steel Quality Brand Science and Technology Promotion and Green Low-carbon Excellent Brands”, “2021 Jinan Top 100 Famous Brands”, and “Shandong New High-end Brands”.

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