Green, Efficient, Intelligent new technology of Hot Blast stove——Seminar by SDM Held in Rizhao

Time: 2021.06.15 08:06 Click: 311

On 9th of June, the seminar on “Green, Efficient, Intelligent new technology of Hot Blast stove” co-hosted by China Society of Metals, SDM and Shansteel group Rizhao company was held in Rizhao. Director of SDM, Mr. Wei Xinmin and Vice general manager, Mr. Song Zhishun attended the seminar. Mr. Wei Xinmin delivered the opening address.

SDM vice president, manager of Hot blast stove company, Mr. Liu Hongjun made a special report on the seminar. He made a complete introduction on the advanced technology of SDM hot blast stove. Mr. Li Qingyang, the deputy director of iron making engineering department of SDM introduced the technical advantages of SDM iron making discipline. Vice president, Mr. Zhao Shengcun and heads of other relevant departments attended the seminar.

More than 160 ironmaking experts from 57 iron and steel plants including Baowu iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Shougang Jingtang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Baotou Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Hegang iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. attended the meeting, which played an important role in promoting the green, low-carbon and intelligent wisdom of iron and steel, especially in promoting the new technology of green, efficient and intelligent hot blast stove.

Our company is the first engineering technology company to promote the use of blast furnace hot blast stove technology in China. Over the years, our company has formed a proprietary core of advanced technology and the management advantages of engineering general contracting. The general contracting furnace type includes all furnace types of 200 ~ 5000 cubic meters. Our company has made an irreplaceable contribution to the continuous development, innovation and improvement of the top burning hot blast stove from scratch, and to the widely application of the top burning hot blast stove. Our company's top burning hot blast stove technology has a market share of more than 40% in China. The annual contract value of our company's hot blast stove branch is up to 1 billion yuan, which is exported to India, Poland, Brazil and other countries. In the future, our company will further devote itself to the research and development of a new generation of green, efficient and intelligent top burning hot blast stoves, making new contributions to the early realization of carbon neutralization goal and the promotion of low carbon emission of green steel industry in China.

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