SDM participated in the first international carbon neutral summit in Ukraine

Time: 2021.07.28 15:07 Click: 178

On 20th July, Ukraine’s first "International Carbon Neutrality Forum" hosted by the Ukrainian Metallurgical Investment Group (metinvest) Chief Think Tank Horst Wiesinger (Horst Wiesinger) Consulting Company and co-organized by the Ukrainian Metallurgical Investment Group (metinvest) and the GMK Center : Decarbonization of the Iron and Steel Industry-Challenges Ukraine Facing" was successfully held in the Hyatt Regency Kyiv, The leaders of the Ukrainian metallurgical sector were all present to discuss the prospects and plans for decarbonization in the Ukrainian metallurgical sector. More than 250 heads of domestic and overseas mining and metallurgical design companies, representatives of engineering, consulting and R&D companies, government cabinet representatives, business associations, and expert representatives participated, including Pratt, Danieli, K1-MET, Arcelor Mittal, metinvest, Interpipe, DCH Industrial Investment Group and other internationally renowned technology companies and steel companies. SDM was also invited to participate in this meeting. In recent years, the international metallurgical industry has actively discussed the topic of decarbonization. As a major European steel production country and a signatory to the Paris Agreement, Ukraine take important responsibilities in terms of carbon neutrality, energy conservation and emission reduction. In order to achieve the European carbon neutrality goal, the EU will provide hundreds of billions of euros in low-interest loans and tax relief combined with the carbon trading market in the next 10 years to help Ukraine achieve its goals of decarbonization, energy conservation and emission reduction. The focus of this forum is on introducing new technologies to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and shifting to actual production solutions for carbon-free production. During the conference, representatives of various companies and participants focused on “Decarbonization of the Iron and Steel Industry: Challenges in the Next Decades” to discuss in depth the challenges faced by countries related to achieving decarbonization goals, existing and promising technologies, and various plans in large companies to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and the relevant policies of the country in this directionAt the venue, SDM introduced the DRI-Hismlet direct melting reduction technology in depth. Because of its advantages like low carbon, low raw material requirements, strong operability, economic and environmental protection, etc., it has won praise from all parties. Among them, Dnieper Steel Plant, Pratt , Danieli and other companies have expressed their desire for in-depth cooperation.

At the meeting, Yuri Reyzhinkov, President of Metallurgical Investment Group of Ukraine, and Andrei and Yemchenko, Vice Presidents of Technology, delivered important speeches and signed relevant agreements with Nobert Petermaier, Executive President of Pratech Metals.

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