Hot test of the high-speed wire project in Shiheng Special Steel's new and old energy conversion new area was succeeded

Time: 2021.07.29 14:07 Click: 284

At 1:46 pm on 15th July, the weather was hot and humid, workers were staring at the monitoring screen of the laying machine in the 1CS operating room. As the fiery red wire was successfully spun into a coil by the laying machine, people burst into cheers, and it declared the success of the hot test of the high-speed wire project in the Shiheng Special Steel New Area. This battle lasting more than a year from design to construction finally victory was achieved. Shiheng Special Steel's new and old kinetic energy conversion Tai'an special construction steel project has an annual capacity of 600,000 tons for the high-speed wire project in the new zone. The product specifications include φ5.5~22mm hot-rolled wire rods. It applies a number of advanced technologies and equipment, taking a lead in China and the world.

The project was officially started in May 2020, and the first and second rod projects of Shiheng Special Steel New Area were also in the design and construction process, which put many difficulties and challenges to the advancement of high-speed wire projects, Solving the problems and providing help for the owners in the first time. SDM make joint efforts with the owners, design, and construction. the project is completed on schedule or even ahead of schedule and perform the hot test. With the commissioning of high-speed wire rods, Shiheng Special Steel has put into production three rolling lines designed by SDM in less than a year. Looking at the magnificent factory buildings, the roaring equipment, and the fast-moving wires, I can’t help but admire the professional, rigorous, hard-working spirit of our designing engineers, we believe that through our unremitting efforts, SDM will climb the peak.

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