The startup of 200,000t vertical heat recovery coke oven project of Welspun, India

Time: 2021.09.09 16:09 Click: 137

Recently, the 200,000-ton vertical heat recovery coke oven project of Welspun in India, which was designed and constructed by SDM, has been commenced.

The negotiation and design period of this project coincides with the severe epidemic in India. SDMs Coking department and various departments positively communicate with the owner, quickly and promptly feed back the owner's comments on the design, and complete the design in accordance with the owner's project node requirements.

With the trust and praise of the owner, SDM will do its duty during the implementation of the following project and successfully complete this project.

The groundbreaking of the project means that SDM will build the 9th and 10th sets of vertical heat recovery coke oven in the Indian market, indicating the recognition of our vertical heat recovery coke ovens in the Indian market, which is of great significance.

The International Engineering Division of SDM will take this as an opportunity to gain more achievements and actively expand the international market.

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